In Melitopol, “partisans” eliminated two “high-ranking” occupiers – media (photo)

The previously temporarily occupied Melitopol was named the center of the partisan movement.

The corpses were put in bags and taken away / photo "RIA Melitopol"
The corpses were put in bags and taken away / photo “RIA Melitopol”

Two corpses were found in occupied Melitopol early yesterday morning. According to media reports, these may be “high-ranking” occupiers, and local “partisans” are probably involved in their death.

This is reported by the publication ” RIA Melitopol “.PauseUnmute

According to media reports, this happened in the area of ​​​​the heating main of house No. 52 on Heroiv Ukrainy Street. Representatives of collaborators, “policemen” and Cossacks arrived there. After that, two corpses in plastic bags were taken away from the scene of the murder.

“There is information that the “people’s avengers” helped two high-ranking Russians to go to the other world. The occupation authorities, of course, fell silent. Putin’s propaganda media took water in his mouth,” the newspaper writes.

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  1. These Ukrainian partisans are following their famous forefathers’ footsteps! Well done!

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