From FB page; Pray for Ukraine

Lyudmila Semenyuk


May 14

This is Katya. The same Bird of steel whose light and warm voice sounds in the black and cold basements of Azovstal, which stretched over six floors in Mariupol land, where there is never sunlight, and where there is no place for beautiful girls. Katya has been there since the war began. She is a paramedic whose mission is to save people. Just to save. Bandage the wounds, stop the bleeding, drag the faint hearted to safety, then return back to where enemy bullets are being fired. And where there is no medicine, no bandages for a long time, and where a spoonful of porridge is shared on everyone, this girl is trying to heal with a word. The word in Katya is special: “We were born in the great hour, from the fires of war, from the flames of fires, we were carried by the pain of the loss of Ukraine, fed us anger and anger at the enemies.” Katya is singing. Sings it extremely beautifully. And this singing holds both the wounded, and those in inhumane conditions, without expecting any help for a long time, for the third month in the siege holds the defense of the Ukrainian city. Katya is a professional vocalist. She successfully graduated from the Krushelnitskoí чила music school and worked as an actress in one of Ternopil theaters, had to continue her studies at the conservatory. But a twenty-year-old girl chose to serve the freedom of her country instead of serving art. Hiding it from parents who have only recently recognized their Bird on the Internet… After all, a talented artist sings for people, and I do not know if there is a more grateful audience anywhere in the world… And I believe in miracles, that the Lord will save his perfect creation, and someday Katya in an exquisite evening dress will go out on a beautiful stage, illuminated by crystal chandeliers, and will sing: “Under the yellow and blue flag of freedom, all the great people will unite. .. “

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  1. Putler wants this beautiful girl and her friends to be tortured to death while he jacks off.
    Instead of that, send a squadron of B2’s and blow the surrounding orcs to shit.

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