Who will pay to put Ukraine back together again?



  1. “Another option is to look to foreign exchange reserves of the Russian central bank, which were frozen soon after the invasion. These provide a far more lucrative target, given they run into hundreds of billions of euros.”

    There are also assets of the 200 or so Siloviki families held offshore that likely amount to $1 trillion. Take the whole damn lot and give it to Ukraine. Arrest any putlerite lawyers that try to stop it and take their assets too.

  2. It’s common sense that mafia land will have to foot the bill for ALL damages done to Ukraine and any other financial losses it had due to this war, and it must make restitutions to all the families who had suffered dead and/or crippled members. This is a mammoth job, and the international community should work together to make mafia land pay in full!

  3. Great article with some sobering analysis. However IMHO no more bullshit. Fact is the West permitted this shit to occur {by allowing Putin to get where he is ie Chechnya 98, Georgia 08, Crimea 14) and accordingly should be held responsible. Especially the fuckin krauts and frogs who collaborated with Russia thru the entire Minsk bullshit agreement.

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