The Ukrainian Defense Forces have already “captured” 239 Russian tanks – this is enough for a whole division  

The Ukrainian Defense Forces have already seized 239 tanks of various types and modifications from the Russian Nazis.

This is reported by the independent OSINT-research portal (Open source intelligence – open source intelligence) Oryx , which, among other things, records the losses in the equipment of Russian and Ukrainian troops confirmed by photo and video recording during a full-scale war between our countries.

The researchers were able to confirm the loss of 671 tanks by the Russians in Ukraine, of which 361 were completely destroyed, 21 seriously damaged, 48 abandoned and 239 captured by Ukrainian defenders. 239 units are enough for an entire tank division. Huge power!

According to the types of tanks, the statistics are as follows. The defense forces destroyed or captured 16 T-64BVs, 14 T-72As, seven T-72UAs, 121 T-72Bs, 48 ​​T-72B mod. 1989, four T-72BA, 107 T-72B3, 100 T-72B3 mod. 2016, 28 T-80BV, 67 T-80U, two T-80UK, five T-80UE-1, one T-80UM2, 24 T-80BVM, 19 T-90A, one T-90M. Another 107 destroyed tanks could not be identified.  

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine declares 1228 enemy tanks destroyed or captured. During the day, the enemy lost eight tanks.  



  1. Ukraine has captured more tanks than the UK has in its arsenal. More will be on the way…

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