Russians are morally preparing for the surrender of Crimea – Arestovich (video)

In his opinion, Peskov’s statement testifies to this.

photo UNIAN
photo UNIAN

Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, believes that the Kremlin’s statement about “territorial disputes” over Crimea indicates that they are morally preparing the population for the surrender of the peninsula.

He spoke about this on the air “Feygin live”.

“Before that, there were no territorial disputes, there was a “referendum of the people”, which “decided to be with Russia forever”, and now it turns out that these are territorial disputes between Russia and Ukraine,” Arestovich said.

He noted that Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov never says anything just like that.

“Or he was taken by surprise and he made a slip of the tongue. But I don’t really believe in it. Replacing the political vocabulary always means replacing the political position. And they went on the principle of selling the future peace agreement, in which Crimea will be a “territorial dispute,” Arestovich emphasized.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the United States admits that Ukraine will be able to recapture Crimea and Donbass . 

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  1. This was already demanded by the limping imp in his initial set of demands; that Ukraine recognize Crimea as russian. Before that, the topic of Crimea was closed for years. They would not even speak about it. Just wait until the Kremlin realizes that Ukraine considers Sevastopol as part of Crimea.

    • I seriously doubt that what survives of the Black Sea fleet ever uses Crimea as a base again. Same with the rest of the Russian military stationed there. I hope none of the fleet survives.

  2. Some have already jumped ship and scurried back to mafia land. Some are shuttering with fear, and some can’t wait to hang out their Ukrainian flag. Such is the situation on the Crimea. Say thank you to the great strategists, Vlad Putler.

    • Well put. I’d bet there are a lot of Ukrainians tired of the occupation and can’t wait to get their hands on some Moskali, just like everywhere else. One of my friends’ Mom lives down there but she’s a Putinazi hook, line and sinker. She doesn’t even care to speak with her daughter because she thinks Putin is crazy. Those will have to be shipped back to Putlerville I’m afraid. lol

      • I also know both versions in the Crimea. I’ve ended my friendships with the Putler lovers.

            • But where will they go and pollute their culture and backwards ideologies? Georgia? Turkey? Ukraine? The Baltics? All nightmares for the local population. I fear many will come to Ukraine just like Texans fear people moving from California. They also bring their voting habits.

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