Putin plans military operations at the level of colonel or brigadier general – media

Grigory Bondar 01:52, 05/17/22 YHIAH

According to the publication, the Russian president is working closely with the Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces Gerasimov.

Putin directs the movement of troops in the Donbass / Screenshot
Putin directs the movement of troops in the Donbass / Screenshot

Russian President Vladimir Putin has become so personally involved in the war in Ukraine that, according to Western military sources, he makes operational and tactical decisions “at the level of a colonel or brigadier general.”

It is reported by The Guardian .

According to the sources of the publication, Putin personally directs the movement of troops in the Donbass, but still closely cooperates with the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov, despite information about the removal of the latter.

“We believe that Putin and Gerasimov are involved in tactical decision-making at the level we would normally expect from a colonel or brigadier general,” the military source said.

Earlier it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are disrupting the offensive of the invaders in Donbas and blocking the advance deep into Ukraine.



  1. Since he was boy, the tiny dictator has always thought he was the smartest person in the world. His teachers used to correct him and he hated that and thought they were wrong. Today he would have them killed. I guess this micromanaging is no surprise since Vladolf is obviously the smartest general in russia.

  2. I’d rather like to post stuff like this article in somewhere for general comments or something, since most people expect comments to relate to articles. That said, I think you guys would love this! The final audio of the distress calls from the Moskva marking her doom. That Russian sailor sounds very frightened, but he wouldn’t be there if he refused to accept putin’s orders!


    • Thanks for sharing. That’s an interesting audio, especially with the alarm horn in the background. I’m proud of Ukraine for accomplishing this!

  3. This article underlines what I’ve been saying, that there is no clear-cut strategic plan to this fiasco the mafiosi call special military operation. The concept is to invade and conquer Ukraine and that’s about it.
    You can teach a baboon in four weeks how to be a ruskie general.

    • You’re right. And now there’s an article out that says Putin has assumed military control of maneuvers even down to the colonel level. No wonder its so chaotic and unorganized and unprofessional and illegal….

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