“It’s impossible, let them not be offended”: Erdogan ruled out the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

The Turkish leader stressed that NATO “will cease to be a security organization.”

Erdogan said that Turkey will never support the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO / photo REUTERS
Erdogan said that Turkey will never support the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO / photo REUTERS

Turkey will not support the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO. The visits of the ambassadors of these countries will be useless.

This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a joint press conference after the ceremony of signing agreements with Algerian President Tebbun.

“Turkey cannot say yes to the membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO. It is impossible, let them not be offended,” Erdogan said.

He noted that his country cannot agree to the entry into NATO of states that impose sanctions against Turkey.

“Then NATO will cease to be a security organization. We cannot say yes. We cannot be stung again where we were stung before. I must say something very clearly and sincerely. Both countries do not have a clear relationship with terrorist organizations. Sweden is an incubation center for terrorist organizations, they bring terrorists to their parliaments, give them a platform, send out special invitations and even have terrorists in their parliaments who support the Kurdistan Workers’ Party,” Erdogan said.

He also said that Finland and Sweden will send their delegations to Turkey in order to persuade them to support their entry into NATO.

“They will come to persuade us, sorry, they have nothing to count on,” he said.

Recall that both Finland and Sweden imposed sanctions on the supply of defense products to Turkey after the start of a military operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces (Kurds) in Syria in 2019. It was these sanctions that Erdogan had in mind.

Finland and Sweden’s aspirations for NATO: what you need to know

As UNIAN wrote, on May 15 it became known that  Finland and Sweden had officially decided to join NATO . 

Russia and Turkey condemned this decision. Thus, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, said that the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO is of concern to the Kremlin. Also, the Russian Federation  openly threatened  both countries with a military invasion if they decide to join NATO.

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On May 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country’s response to Sweden and Finland joining NATO  would depend on expanding the infrastructure of this military-political bloc.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unexpectedly stated that Turkey cannot support NATO expansion because Finland and Sweden are “home to many terrorist organizations.”

Turkey’s position has already caused bewilderment among NATO partner countries. In particular, the US State Department has  already stated that “they are working to clarify Turkey’s position regarding the potential entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO.”

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  1. Why do some organizations have such stupid rules that everyone must agree to a measure? This hampers the efficiency, since there are always assholes that have no idea what they’re doing, like this fucking shit nugget. That’s another reason why Ukraine should forget this girl scout club.

    • I’m no M.E. expert but I see Iraq and Turkey hate the Kurds. Then here in the States we are told that the Kurds are good and have been fighting on our side with us a very long time. It seems to me that it is Erdogan is the one being political. Kurds want freedom, that is something a NATO nation should expect. After all, being “like-minded” is the main requirement to be a member of NATO. Truth is, if Turkey didn’t manage the Black Sea I doubt they would even be in NATO.

      • It’s a hell of a complex subject as you say, but essentially the Kurds are allies of freedom and democracy. Their brilliant fighters, including many women, with assistance from US and UK special forces, smashed isis.
        The Kurds strongly support Ukraine! I follow a FB page called RG Kurdi and it is full of pro-Ukraine videos!
        I’d love to see a free Kurdistan, with all of their lands intact. It would also protect their cousins the Yazidi people, who have suffered so terribly ever since the advent of the Arab terror “religion.”
        From wiki:

        “After World War I and the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, the victorious Western allies made provision for a Kurdish state in the 1920 Treaty of Sèvres. However, that promise was broken three years later, when the Treaty of Lausanne set the boundaries of modern Turkey and made no such provision, leaving Kurds with minority status in all of the new countries.[38] Recent history of the Kurds includes numerous genocides and rebellions, along with ongoing armed conflicts in Turkish, Iranian, Syrian, and Iraqi Kurdistan. Kurds in Iraq and Syria have autonomous regions, while Kurdish movements continue to pursue greater cultural rights, autonomy, and independence throughout Kurdistan.”

      • The straits into the Black Sea are probably the only reason why Turkey is in NATO. But, with the power of the US Navy, that would no longer be needed.

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