Borrell: Serbia must join sanctions against Russia if it wants to join the EU

The High Representative of the EU expects that Serbia will fully harmonize its policy with the foreign policy of the European Union.

The EU demands sanctions from Serbia if it wants to become a member of the bloc / REUTERS photo

Serbia must join the sanctions against Russia if it wants to join the European Union.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Vice-President of the European Commission, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Josep Borrell said this at a briefing after the EU Council meeting at the level of EU foreign ministers in video

The High Representative of the European Union noted that the EU welcomes and appreciates the strategic and courageous decisions of those partner countries from the Western Balkans region that have fully coordinated their foreign policy with the EU sanctions policy against Russia.

Borrell added that not all countries in the Western Balkans have done so, but most of them.

“And they expressed their clear expectations from partners as future member states to be committed to European values ​​and European international politics. Those who have not yet done so, and Serbia is one of them, should, as soon as they can, accelerate their alignment and implement the sanctions,” Borrell emphasized.

According to him, the EU understands the complexity of this process, and appreciates the fact that countries voted against Russia at the meeting of the UN General Assembly when it invaded Ukraine.

He added that the EU expects partner countries to fully harmonize their policies with the EU’s foreign policy.

“It is clear to me as a high representative, and to many of my colleagues in the EU Foreign Affairs Council, that maintaining close ties with the Putin regime is no longer compatible with building a common future with the European Union. Both cases at the same time are not compatible. Today, being neutral in connection with the war in Ukraine is a false idea. One country invaded another. And putting them in one place is to be unable to distinguish the attacker from the one who was attacked,” Borrell stressed.

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  1. Quite honestly, I don’t think that letting Serbia join the EU is a good idea. Aren’t Hungary and Austria bad enough?

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