The US Congress says that the imposed sanctions against Russia did not work

Earlier, the US senator blocked urgent assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $40 billion. The document is expected to be adopted next week.

The US Congress announced the ineffectiveness of sanctions against the Russian Federation / photo REUTERS
The US Congress announced the ineffectiveness of sanctions against the Russian Federation / photo REUTERS

There is a growing number of Republican congressmen in the United States who oppose the allocation of military assistance to Ukraine. In particular, the latest  record package worth about $40 billion is mentioned.

 The Washington Post writes about it .play video

The newspaper quotes Congresswoman Marjorie Green, who personally opposed 15 and 16 bills related to the situation in Ukraine. The politician stated that the sanctions against Russia “didn’t lead to anything” and called on American legislators to take care of their own country first of all.

“Let me ask you. Because of all these sanctions, Putin stopped his war in Ukraine? No, not a bit,” she told the newspaper.

According to her, Americans cannot find infant formula on store shelves with such a shortage. At the same time, Congress “is going to send 40 billion dollars to some other country.”

The WP article notes that Republicans like to summarize their worldview in straightforward, nationalist terms. At the same time, Green herself, who has no experience in foreign policy, often uses fiery terms that do not fully reflect the geopolitical issue at stake.

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  1. Marjorie Taylor Green is an obscenity. A putler-groveling, QAnon, Trump-loving conspiracy theorist who has an off the scale hatred and contempt for Ukraine. Why does the GOP permit creatures like this to drag them down to the gutter?

    • I tried explaining as an American, but the spam filter wouldn’t let me I guess. In a fewer words, gas is really high in price (up to $7.00 dollars or 207.38 in Hryvnias), and president biden’s idiotic policies are ruining the economy.

      I’m NEVER voting democrat again.

      I’ll be visiting Ukraine this November, and finally meeting with the beautiful Liudmila. I’m concerned I’ll need to use my gold bullion from my savings to do it though.

      • I’m glad you can go Mac but I don’t think your Lady would want you to put yourself out doing it. The exchange rate when I got married in Ukraine was 4.5 UAH for a dollar 😉

    • I wish that my country was immune to pro-Ruskie/anti-Ukrainian shit nuggets like those that can be found in cesspools across Europe, but we’re not.

      • I tried mentioning this before, but there is indeed a severe baby formula shortage. A plant in Texas that makes most of the American market’s formula, and other dairy-based protein shakes, was temporarily shut down. Apparently because of concerns from a bacterial contamination in the equipment. Some babies had died because of mysterious circumstances that seemed related to formula from that facility.

  2. Remember, foreign aid is opposed by the Republicans only because the stupidity of president biden has been inflating America’s economy and weakening the value of every dollar I earn. I’m scraping up every bit of extra money I can just to get keep fed, and now I’m concerned that I may need to dip into my savings of gold just to marry. I’m NEVER voting for any democrats again, it’s largely been because of their idiocy, that they thought could “appease” putin with the sweetheart business deals in gas or fuel purchasing from Russia. He’s also been shutting down domestic oil production here in America. Just a few days ago, shut down oil lease sales off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico, and Alaska. Yet gasoline here is up to as high as $7.00 dollars! That’s 207.38 UAH in Hryvnias.
    It’s government spending that weakens a country’s currency, even if the spending is necessary. But biden’s been spending on government projects Americans don’t need, and putting more pressure on businesses, which are often the economic strength of a country. I really wish I could help more myself, but I will contribute in a smaller way when I visit Ukraine this November.

  3. Also, indeed there is a terrible shortage of baby/infant formula here in America. A critical processing plant in Texas where most of it is made, was shut down due to concerns about a bacterial contamination of the equipment used to produce the formula. It’s not just affecting infant formula either, but liquid protein shakes and meal replacement drinks for adults as well. But the American economy was severely damaged by government spending well before this, and seemed to start almost the instant biden got his presidency.

    If the economy is how much money the citizens have available to exchange between each other for products or services, then in paying taxes, even for necessities like roads or military defense, then the citizens have less money to pay each other in their economy. So if there’s more government spending, such as in foreign aid packages, that uses up some of what would strengthen that country’s economy. I really would like Ukraine to get more funding to fight against Russia, partly for their own defense, and partly because Russia is kind of like a mutual enemy at this point. But I’m also constantly draining out my bank account into a negative balance just to keep fed and pay the usual bills.

    I’ve already got the November trip to Ukraine pre-paid in advance, but I’m still not sure I’ll have enough for food while there. With all the money biden’s sending to Ukraine, I’m starting to wonder if I should just move and live in Kyiv with Liudmila after I marry her.

  4. If you want, you can find a negative aspect for everything on this globe and in the entire universe. Some shit nuggets see only negatives in Ukraine while ignoring the vile, smelly stench of the pile of dead, rotting flesh called mafia land.

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