Intelligence reveals the number of Kadyrov militants fighting in Ukraine


About 2,500 militants from the Chechen Republic took part in the military invasion of Ukraine, the Chief Intelligence Directorate reports.

Source: Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate

Quote: “It is significant that despite all the training, morale and equipment that Kadyrov’s TikTokers apparently had, even outside the active combat zone, out of 2,500 mercenaries, about a hundred have been killed, about three hundred have been injured, and more than sixty have fled Ukraine, leaving their weapons and ammunition behind.”

Details: The Intelligence Directorate noted that Kadyrov’s militants came to Ukraine in the second echelon of the offensive and were involved in house searches, the bullying of hostages and civilians, robberies and looting.

Kadyrov’s army was later ordered to stop Russians who were fleeing and to shoot those who refused to fight as an example to others.


  1. The headline is very misleading. I would say none of the rapists were fighting in Ukraine. The Tik Tok soldiers are just another branch of the rapist army that gained a reputation by murdering civilians.

    • I agree. They were there almost exclusively in the backward areas, murdering, raping, looting and catching or eliminating any Ruskie deserters. They even got into a firefight with Buryats for loot. They are more like a street gang than a fighting force.

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