Famous author Stephen King ridicules Putin and expresses admiration for Ukraine 

The famous U.S. horror writer Stephen King has once again spoken out on social media about Ukraine and the war that Russia unleashed against it, ridiculing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and praising Ukraine.

“Putin assumed he was dealing with a lapdog,” King wrote on Twitter. “What he got was a wolverine. Glory to Ukraine!” 

The famous writer, dubbed the “King of Horror”, has supported Ukraine since the beginning of the war unleashed on it by Russia: Last week he published a photo in which he was wearing a cap with the inscription “Ukraine.”

In his posts, King regularly criticizes Russia and its dictator Putin. In addition, back in March, King refused to extend his contracts with publishers for the publication of his books in Russia. 

Most of Stephen King’s latest Twitter posts are about Ukraine and its people’s struggle against Russian invasion.



  1. Putler could be the main character in a Stephen King novel, the Wolverine and the Orcs.

    • When I was a kid, I loved horror. I hate it now because the world is full of horror that is even more evil than anything in Stephen’s great novels.
      But once putler and Lavrov are in hell, they can make a guest appearance in a King horror novel. I’d be well up for that!

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