Do RUSSIANS feel guilty?


  1. Younger people this time. These vox pops are remarkably consistent. A few decent, even humane people emerge, but on the whole they are unbelievably callous, cold and uncaring. Many seem to find genocide funny.
    That’s why this benighted land likes to be ruled by psychopathic dictators. It’s what they want.

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    • That “Do you feel guilty” question would be hard for the Moskali because of two reasons; one, 4 words in a sentence can lose their attention. Second because the “feel” part is absent in Putin’s Russia. They answer they can’t control what the government does. There you have it.

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  2. Well, at least some of them see this as evil from their government. I heard one of them admitting that Ukraine was peaceful, and Russia had no cause to attack. If they were young children during the Crimean invasion, then perhaps they still needed to learn about the consequences of war and greed. But they aren’t children now, are they? Maybe they should be asked how they’d feel if the shoe was on the other foot, and if Ukraine invaded Russia. If, like Ukraine, they felt an intense patriotic need to defend their homeland, then how could Russians be dismissive of the Ukrainian right to fight back? Wouldn’t Russians be angry if others were dismissive of invasion against Russia?

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  3. The only one to come out of these interviews with dignity is the guy in the black jacket who speaks at the 3.00 minute mark. He is brave too, as he’s obviously an effeminate guy, which is dangerous in nazi Russia.

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  4. This video reflects exactly what I suspected before I even watched it. Obviously, it’s far from being anything representative of the population as a whole. I’m sure that as those who are (would be) questioned get older, the level of guilt diminishes. This is the result of intensive brainwashing for decades. It’s safe to assume that if it weren’t for the internet, the level of support for the rat and his criminal war would be much higher.

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