Several dozen occupiers shot their own legs: they were hospitalized in Melitopol

All those hospitalized have injuries to the limbs.

Several dozen invaders shot their feet: they were hospitalized in Melitopol / photo
Several dozen invaders shot their feet: they were hospitalized in Melitopol / photo

Several dozen occupiers with injuries were taken to the hospital of the occupied Melitopol (Zaporozhye region).

It is reported by the Zaporozhye OVA. PauseUnmute

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It is suspected that the cause of the injury was a crossbow.

“Recently, 40 Russian servicemen with gunshot wounds to the limbs were delivered to the hospital in Melitopol. One of the likely versions of what happened was a crossbow due to inept handling of weapons,” the report says.

At the end of April, the Security Service of Ukraine published an interception of the conversations of the invaders, indicating that they are ready to cripple themselves and even stuff debris into their own bodies in order to receive monetary compensation and leave the front home.

In another intercepted conversation, the wounded occupant said that after recovery he was not going to Ukraine: lies on his feet … It’s not worth that kind of money. “

Since the Russian military does not have to wait for a rotation, relatives advise them to get injured.

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  1. During WW2, there a number of US soldiers who wounded themselves. Eisenhower ordered those wounded in the way they did stand court martial, and the problem ended. I won’t be surprised if those troops end up as cargo 200.

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  2. Just try to imagine the level of desperation to inflict such painful wounds on your own body!
    Things are going as planned for mafia land! 😂

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