Kyiv: Putin wants to negotiate with the West a deal on Ukraine

Adviser to the head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration Oleksiy Arestovych said that Russian president Vladimir Putin sent his representatives to several Western countries to discuss ending the war against Ukraine and the possibility of agreeing on the already captured territories.

According to him, the Kremlin’s “emissaries” went to several Western countries, Germany, France, Hungary and others, with a narrative “that sounds something like this: we all lost a little bit of temper, we ask you to understand and forgive.”

Arestovych recalled that the press secretary of the Turkish president, Ibrahim Kalin, after his visit to Kyiv, told the newspaper Türkiye that Russia “wants to sit down at the negotiating table not only with Ukraine, but also with the West, and conclude a new big deal.”

“Russia is trying to bargain saying we were all a little wrong, but let’s have Minsk-3,” Arestovich said.

In addition, according to him, French President Emmanuel Macron allegedly suggested to Ukrainain President Volodymyr Zelensky: “Let’s make some concessions on Ukraine’s sovereignty, and Putin will calm down.”

Earlier, Zelensky in an interview with the Italian TV channel Rai 1 said that Macron is now trying in vain to look for a “way out for Russia” after its unsuccessful invasion of Ukraine.

“We must clearly understand. The Kremlin is sending emissaries to the West, offering to stop and negotiate. Agree on the territory already seized,” Arestovich said.

“Then middle finger to them. None of that will happen. We will keep smashing them until they are done and kicked out of here,” he added.


  1. The first line of the deal says Russia evacuates the internationally recognized frontiers of Ukraine. Not one troop or collaborator stays. Then we can talk about the rest.

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  2. “Then middle finger to them. None of that will happen. We will keep smashing them until they are done and kicked out of here,” he added.

    1000000% correct. The thieves, rapists and murderers need totally destroying. No saving face, just total humiliation and the denazifying of Russia. Putler knows Russia are running on empty, the Western weapons are showing everyone that Russia has no military whatsoever. Now Putler contacts the usual suspects, the Frogs and Krauts to get Ukraine to save his sorry army from destruction..

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  3. Boris is the guy I count on. He has said categorically no negotiation until Russia is defeated. I trust Boris. He’s been a good friend

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  4. It sounds like bullshit to me.
    The names of the emissaries need to be published, along with their proposals in full. Then the proposals need to be verified by mouthpieces like Lavrov and Pisscough.
    At that point there could be discussions, but only after a total and final withdrawal from all Ukrainian territories and a clear admission of guilt to war crimes, thieving and destruction. The document would have to be signed by putler, notarized and witnessed by the govts of the US and UK, plus the EU, UN (I know they’re wankers, but still…) and of course the govt of Ukraine.

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    • You can read between the lines. Putler wants a ceasefire now because the weapons have arrived and are killing lots of Russians. In 12 months time Putler will come up with another excuse to invade again.

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      • But I’m not sure if the claim that putler wants an off ramp is true. If it is, that’s fantastic news, but I’d be cautious without proper verification.
        I agree with your final point, which is why any ceasefire agreement has to be set in stone, with rock solid guarantees this time from the allies. Fool me once as they say ……

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  5. I think that Ukraine has reached a point in which it will not give the rat an off ramp. They are capable of kicking out the cockroaches and they most certainly should do so.

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  6. I’d want to see the nazi cunts completely out of Ukraine.

    A 200 mile buffer DMZ on russian land that had been bulldozed flat, completely defoliated and maintained as such, so that there was no cover for a surprise attack.

    A complete ban on any russian Aircraft, Missiles and Ships.

    Finally vladolph putler on his knees eating fresh Dogshit live on RT at 1900 CET every night. Forever.

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