Zelenskyy: Macron asked Ukraine to make concessions to help Putin save face

‘We won’t help Putin save face by paying with our territory,’ Ukrainian president says.

French President Emmanuel Macron asked Ukraine to make concessions on its sovereignty to help Russian leader Vladimir Putin save face, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

In an interview with Italian TV channel RAI’s Porta a Porta talk show broadcast Thursday evening, Zelenskyy was asked about Macron’s comments on Monday, in which he warned Europe must avoid humiliating Putin.

“We want the Russian army to leave our land — we aren’t on Russian soil,” Zelenskyy replied. “We won’t help Putin save face by paying with our territory. That would be unjust.” Zelenskyy added that Ukraine would never recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Macron was looking “in vain” for “a way out for Russia,” Zelenskyy said.

The Elysée rejected Zelenskyy’s allegations. “The president of the Republic has never discussed anything with Vladimir Putin without the agreement of President Zelenskyy and has never asked President Zelenskyy for any concession. He has always said that it was up to the Ukrainians to decide the terms of their negotiations with the Russians,” an Elysée official said Friday.

In a speech at the closing ceremony of the Conference on the Future of Europe on Monday, Macron said Europe must “never give in to the temptation of humiliation, nor the spirit of revenge,” when it came to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The French president also said “when peace returns to European soil, we will need to build new security balances.” The reference has been read as an indication that Macron was still seeking to reach a compromise with Putin.

Giorgio Leali contributed reporting.



  1. “Macron was looking “in vain” for “a way out for Russia,” Zelenskyy said.”

    This piece of garbage has insulted the memory of those tortured, raped and murdered on Putin’s orders. I have never heard anything so disgusting from a so-called leader of democracy, he should never be allowed to set foot in Ukraine again.

    • Macwrong is a perfect example of a village idiot that has never learned from history. How can you pity a bear that has eaten and mangled thousands of humans? And Macwrong says we should just feed the bear a little bit and maybe he will suddenly become nice…..i-d-i-o-t-!

      • Too bad it was either him or a real Putin ass kisser up for elections. Kinda says something about the French. Hell the US has got nothing to be proud of either.

  2. Macron never ceases to come up with new issues or thoughts that just reconfirms his status in the world of KING POS. Previously this title was owned by Merkle. I guess the two of them wanted to ensure continuity.

  3. Macron is an idiot. The only thing that would allow Putin to save face is the complete surrender of Ukraine. One does not simply sign away their existence.

  4. That is a good idea. I agree to give Putler the Brittany or Corsica. Heck, let the sewer rat choose.

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