US senator blocked the allocation of $ 40 billion to Ukraine: what is known

In this regard, the decision is postponed until at least next week.

Conservative Rand Paul blocked the allocation of $ 40 billion to Ukraine / photo Twitter / Alexey Reznikov
Conservative Rand Paul blocked the allocation of $ 40 billion to Ukraine / photo Twitter / Alexey Reznikov

Conservative Senator Rand Paul, who represents Kentucky, has single-handedly blocked a bill to provide almost $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. He stated that money needs supervision.

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“I swore an oath to the US Constitution, not to any other country. And no matter how good the reasons, the goal of my office is US national security. We cannot save Ukraine while dooming the US economy. You cannot throw away all 40 billion dollars without any oversight. When we had a special inspector general, whom we appointed for Afghanistan, this did not stop all waste, but at least it makes thieves think twice before stealing money, “the politician said.READ ALSO:

In turn, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell recalled that lethal aid to Ukraine is not charity.

“This conflict has direct and serious implications for national security,” McConnell said.

In this regard, the decision is postponed until at least next week.READ ALSO:

It is noted that the Ukraine aid bill will not be blocked or revised, but Senators Rand Paul and John F. Kennedy are pushing for an amendment that would ensure the appointment of a special inspector general to control spending to avoid fraud. 

In turn, Majority and Minority Leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell called for the bill to be voted on immediately.

“I sympathize with Ukraine; I wish them good luck and I want them to defeat the Russians, squeeze them out of their country. But we also need to be concerned about our country and the ambiguous inflation here, this will only aggravate the situation,” Paul said.

However, Paul’s amendment means that the bill must return to the House of Representatives.

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  1. I don’t understand the system that is in place here?
    How can one maggot cause so much trouble? Delays cause death to Ukrainian servicemen.
    Rand Paul is an evil little motherfucker. A long term servant of Russia; as is his equally loathsome father; Ron.
    Rand Paul was outed as a Russian agent by the late John McCain. He did not take legal proceedings; unsurprisingly.
    The Pauls are loved by the most evil public figures in America : Trumpers like Fucker Karlsonov, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Laura Ingraham, Anne Coulter, Candace Owens etc.

  2. I’m personally conflicted. Paul raises a good point about having some kind of oversight on 40 billion dollars but my boys are dying. Ukraine isn’t known for having great fiscal responsibility but as I understand the money is used for military equipment not necessarily just throwing plane full of cash like the US did for Afghanistan. So in as much I understand Paul’s position, his concerns could have been addressed at another time. Good news is that the republican caucus are firmly behind the package so if anything this is simply several day delay. But it doesn’t hold up any military equipment as the Lend Lease program is operational and Ukraine can have whatever equipment they want.

    • I’m surprised oversight of the allocations aren’t automatic. Especially for foreign aid. But this isn’t foreign aid and every dollar is already allocated for specific purposes. Paul is a jerk but he is a consistent jerk. He would say the same thing for other countries too.

    • The money is also going to Ukraine Government Officials PENSIONS.
      WTF you think about that?

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