“They are fighting with paper maps”: the British Ministry of Defense “smashed” the technical capabilities of Putin’s army

Russian generals can be blamed for tactical miscalculations and failure in war planning.

The British Ministry of Defense is confident that the Russian Federation is not ready for a protracted war / photo REUTERS
The British Ministry of Defense is confident that the Russian Federation is not ready for a protracted war / photo REUTERS

Russian aviation and heavy equipment are not suitable for combat operations and are not sufficiently equipped for a protracted war with Ukraine. Russia has already lost on several fronts, and its final defeat is nearing.

This was stated by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, reports  The Daily Mail.play video

According to the British minister, Russian generals can be blamed for poor planning and preparation for war, problems with equipment and supplies, as well as general moral decay in the army.

“Nearly none of their aircraft are equipped with situational awareness and digital combat management. Aircraft are often found with paper maps of Ukraine from the 1980s. GPS receivers were found glued to the instrument panels of downed Russian Su-34s to let pilots know where they are. , due to the poor quality of their own systems,” Wallace said.

Russians have similar problems with artillery and armored vehicles. They cannot be used for military maneuvers, but only for indiscriminate fire.

The head of the British Ministry of Defense noted that one should not be too afraid of high-precision weapons of the Russian Federation, since after the second week of the war Russia sharply reduced its use due to insufficient quantity.

Wallace stated that the development of events at the front confirms that Putin and his army were not preparing for a protracted war, but were counting on a blitzkrieg. Now the position of the occupiers is deteriorating. Ukraine is getting modern Western weapons, and the resources of the Russians are running out. In the near future, the Russians will have even bigger problems, as the imposed sanctions have blocked the supply of components for the production of military equipment. It will become impossible to compensate for technical losses in Ukraine, and defense enterprises will stop working.

Wallace is confident that Russian dictator Putin has already been defeated by losing the ability to produce heavy weapons in his country. In his opinion, the influence of the Soviet style of management is still traced in the activities of the Russian authorities.

“Then the behavior was dictated by fear and sycophancy, and today the Russian armed forces still bear this Soviet imprint – the imprint of immorality and corruption,” the British minister said.

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  1. They are not defeated and won’t be defeated until their economy is dead and their people are starving.
    Until they are on their knees, they remain an existential threat.

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    • Even then it will not be over. There are 2 million FSB agents and others in control, these must be exterminated to prevent a reccurrence of the RF/USSR

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      • Not just the FSB but a vast majority of the Russian population are living under some delusion that they are destined to be a great country and Ukrainians are not allowed to live. I don’t know how anything can be done to eliminate this. One only needs to look at Germany at WW2 to see the dangerous similarities.

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  2. Mafia land is finished. It just hasn’t come to grasp this fact yet. Unfortunately, many good people will die until it does.

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