Pshonka, patrols and clean sand: how Odessa beaches are preparing for the summer season

Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, Odessa beaches are still preparing for the summer season. Retail outlets are installing neon signs removed during the off-season, cleaning and touching up equipment in anticipation of an influx of visitors, which, alas, are still few.

Some cafes have already opened, but there are no more than 10 percent of them, war is war.

This year, customers have to be called in, the saleswoman Evgenia complains: “There are still very few people, and the assortment and offer are the same as last, a very successful season. We have to invent something, today they boiled delicious sweet corn, in Odessa – millet, they take it, but not enough.

The pristine beaches on the Bolshoi Fountain are decorated with “Dangerous mines” signs, but they do not scare away the regulars – nothing is amiss for true sunbathers. Bedding with vacationers in some places are located right by the water.

Odessa public utilities are also preparing for the season – workers mow the grass, collect garbage and tint the gates and fences.

Territorial defense patrols vigilantly monitor the sea and, in theory, should drive vacationers settled on the sand, but there are not enough eyes, arms and legs for everyone, so especially stubborn citizens ignore warnings.

The owner of one of the beach restaurants shared his opinion about the upcoming holiday season: “The city authorities will undoubtedly announce the opening of the season, but how much it will be marine is unknown. Our officials will not be able to refuse summer profits, so vacationers will be allowed to “beach” on wooden decks.”

The question remains open – will it be possible to swim in the sea? Martial law has not yet been canceled, so bathing may be banned. It can be assumed that an alternative solution would be a large number of showers on the beaches.

On one of the beaches, a few tens of meters away, you can feel the smell of real oriental pilaf, so passers-by literally follow the smell. The chef skillfully stirs the golden rice and says: “Our restaurant will try to serve everyone at a high level. The main thing is that Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine come to us.”

Photo by Sergey Smolentsev


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  1. Hard to believe. Life as usual here, in Odessa, and life in hell in Mariupol.

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