News from Oleksandrivka, Kherson oblast

From an imperfect translation taken from FB:

May 13

🍁 Deputy of Kherson Regional Council Sergey Hlan told that in the Oleksandrivka direction there were “decisive and positive actions of the Ukrainian army”. Also, in his words, “the great Oleksandrivki people destroyed the enemy warehouse of ammunition.”

🔥 Sergey added: I don’t want to rush, but one of the high-ranking military told me in a private correspondence that releasing Kherson is a matter of honor of the Armed Forces, and they have to do it at most by the end of the summer.”


🍁 Депутат Херсонської облради Сергій Хлань розповів, що в Олександрівському напрямку відбулися “рішучі та позитивні дії української армії”. Також, за його словами, у Великій Олександрівці знищено ворожий склад боєприпасів.

🔥 Я не хочу забігати наперед, але один з один з високопоставлених військових сказав мені у приватній переписці, що звільнити Херсон – справа честі ВСУ, і вони мають зробити це, як максимум, до кінця літа.


    • Obviously they would do it tomorrow if they were ready. My guess is that they still don’t have sufficient manpower to conduct a huge operation like this, whilst sustaining all their other duties.
      Kherson is a bleeding sore on Ukraine that must be cauterised by pounding the orcs into the dirt.

  1. The Telegraph ran a piece about Ukrainian forces wiping out an orc battalion. They called it: “A bridge too far.”

    It attracted a ton of comments. Here are just a few;

    Michael OSullivan
    “A well presented and thoughtful article, it shows yet again how the courage and resolve of the ukrainians are making the invading Russians pay a heavy price.I will make no apologies for saying that I hope this action has seen large numbers of Russian dead, and the more the better.They are invaders and have inflicted atrocities, mass murder, rapes, torture, pillage in Ukraine.
    I imagine that the U.S. and U.K. provided the Ukrainians with intelligence and targetting data.Russian generals seem to have lost their keeness for leading from the front since 12 or so have been killed.
    A passing thought, the Ukrainians knocked out a T90 tank, the newest in the Russian army, I wonder have any U.S. and U.K. tank experts had a chance to look at and into it.If a javelin missile killed it, there will be a crew of incinerated Russians, good ones.”

    David Birchall
    “There is a report that the Russkies tried and failed again in the last 24 hours, and lost more people and equipment. Meanwhile, they continue to lose ships in the Black Sea. Does there come a point, I wonder, when Sauron and his orcs begin to wonder whether this is going according to plan? From 3 days and you’re done – don’t forget your kit for the victory parade – to their combined might being unable to cross a river.
    Every day, we know more about the Russian people and its armed forces. Every day, traders and suppliers are working on the basis that Russia is at war with the west, and pricing that in/moving away accordingly (as illustrated by the Japanese LNG supplies displacing massive Russian volumes). Every day NATO is getting stronger and more coordinated. And every day the Ukrainians get better kit and train more people. All the free world can do is keep doing what we are doing, with the UK in the vanguard.”

    Vexed Bermoothes
    “I love the smell of a thousand charred Russian soldiers bodies in the morning. Slava Ukraini !!!”

    Andy Mushlarky
    “Outrageous connection by our disgraceful media, yet again! To connect in anyway the tremendous bravery of the Allied Airborne divisions audacious offensive of WWII to the cowardly attack by the Russians leader on Ukraine.”

    Leonard Sellwood
    “The messages that I’m getting from media reports on the ongoing situation in Ukraine are:
    1. Putin has invaded his neighbour with the intention of either imposing a Quisling leadership on them or absorbing Ukraine back into Russia.
    2. In doing this he has lied both to his own population and to the very troops that he has put on danger.
    3. Putin fears NATO and realises that most ex Eastern Bloc colonies of Russia joined NATO in order to stave off any future Russian incursions into their territory.
    4. This follows Russian annexation of Crimea and causing independence rebellions not only in Ukraine but also in other ex Soviet states.
    5. That the shooting down of Malaysia Flight 17 on 17/7/2014 and the murder of all passengers and crew onboard was a part of Russian indirect military action and therefore Putin is implicated in this and other war crimes.
    6. That the dictator of Belarus, Lukashenko, who stole the last election and only survived because of Putin’s backing, is now vulnerable as Putin cannot afford to divert resources to support him.
    7. Now is the time for the population of Belarus to take their country from the dictator and the oligarchs and side with Ukraine.
    From my Armchair in a Chateau far from the front.”

    Mike Wilson
    “Just shows that the Russian military is a total joke. Its a shame they have all those nukes, otherwise the West could solve the Putin problem quickly..
    Actually would those nukes even work? Not worth the risk I guess.”

    Charlie Wimbledon
    Reply to Mike Wilson

    “Putin’s too much of a coward to use them. And fortunately their nuclear firing chain still relies on humans-in-the-loop… and so that’s another link that may not carry out orders. But it won’t come to that. Putin doesn’t want to see Moscow (and his family) turned into a black crispy desert.”

    William Rogers
    “Swim ruskies swim.
    Burn ruskies burn.
    I never ever thought I’d wish this on my fellow man.
    Eradicate them all.
    Long Live Ukraine.”

    Tom Archer
    “The Russian army is very proud, but has always been notoriously badly equipped. Whereas the western military powers routinely retire and replace equipment, the Russians have a longstanding culture of throwing nothing away.
    The Russians spend vast sums on keeping large numbers of men under arms, but this leaves them with few resources to invest in equipment. By contrast, the western powers keep relatively few men under arms, but spend big on technology and equipment.
    What the Russians are discovering in Ukraine is that weight of numbers of manpower with old equipment is no match for a determined opponent equipped with the means to pinpoint Russian armour and accurately target it.
    The Russian military hierarchy will be embarrassed and deeply unhappy with the way things are progressing. They will want to withdraw, spinning the lie that their mission was accomplished as they do so.
    Whether Putin is ready to concur is another matter however, and his actions are lacking sane rationale.
    The possibility of the military deciding to remove Putin grows with the day..”

    “The orcs must be extirpated. The kremlin murder gang will never except defeat and even when the rat dictator is finally burning, another nazi demon will take his place, leaving Ukraine with no alternative but to transform itself with help from the allies, into a global military superpower.
The western democracies seem incapable of inflicting the type of sanctions that would completely crush the Russian economy, so Ukraine as usual has to do it the hard way; fight, fight, fight and hope that eventually the US will elect a powerful president with integrity who can sell the idea to his citizens that Ukraine deserves the same or preferably even more support than that received by Israel. Currently it is nowhere near that level, yet the threat to Israel is minuscule compared to what Ukraine is facing.
Ukraine must pursue Germany through the courts for WW2 reparations, funding the little poisoner’s savage war and acting duplicitously with fellow Russia asset France to sell Ukraine down the river with Minsk.
France should be forced to compensate Georgia for sending Russian agent and corrupt criminal politician Sarkozy to “negotiate” the end of the Georgia invasion of 2008, which turned out to be gifting 20% of Georgia to Russia’s fascist regime.
The EU compounded this criminality by commissioning a report which absurdly blamed tiny Georgia for starting a war with Russia.
    The Russia-friendly Ukip wanted us out of the EU because it and its members believed that the EU was anti-Russia. Nothing could be further from the truth; the EU is led by Russia shills. Thank goodness we left that shower.”

    Michael O’Sullivan
    “I doubt if contributors and responders imagine that the Ukrainians would ‘win’ this war, if you mean Putin calling for a ceasefire and pulling out of Ukraine.The Ukrainians can make it so costly in terms of Russian dead, weaponry and equipment destroyed, the Russian economy further weakened by sanctions.
    The longer the war goes on the harder it will be for Putin and his entourage to keep the truth from the Russian people, and from familes of dead soldiers.”

    Donkey Dalek
    “To read DT articles you would think that Ukraine is winning the war. They have had better tactics and weoponry, but the conflict is turning into a war of attrition with neither side in sight of victory.”

    Alan Nugent
    Reply to Donkey Dalek
    “It all depends on what is defined as “Victory”. In sport, it sometimes seems simple, one side loses, the side wins – simple. In this war Victory for Putin meant effectively wiping Ukraine off the map as an independent state. So Victory for Ukraine was simply surviving; they don’t have to beat Russia.”

    *Star comment:
J V Davis 
“Well done Ukraine! 1,000 less baby-killers to deal with. The only thing the Russians excel at is murdering innocent civilians.”

Alun ap Rhisiart 
Reply to J V Davis
    “1,000 less baby-makers, too, don’t forget. Russia is sitting on a demographic timebomb, because it has a habit of killing off its reproductive-age men periodically, and these days of getting the remaining ones to leave the country in disgust. This is the last fling of the Russian Empire of old. After this, it just doesn’t have enough young men to waste.”

H Jones 
“Simple solution. Russians GO HOME.”

    Peter Grant
    “As long as the Ukrainians can continue to show their spirit and aggression as per this superbly executed attack,wiping out a whole
    Battalion , then they will surely gain the advantage by showing the Russians ZERO compassion or MERCY.
    As long as they have the West,s support in terms of Weaponry,Intel etc,then they will demonstrate to Putin that he is on “a hiding to nothing “…… a hiding that he surely

Da Da 
“This is great news but I can’t help wander how the Ukranian army is able to do all of this. Is someone providing special forces assistance?”

Jez Corfield 
Reply to Da Da 
“Looks like a good old artillery barrage…… plenty of well trained and SF in Ukraine. Remember 20,000 foreign troops have gone there, I’d wager a good many high quality troops amongst them.”

Flanken Furter 

Reply to Da Da 
“Satellite info and drones.”

gemma star 
“I love it when a Russian plan falls apart.”

christopher noon 
“Me too. Makes my day.”

    And finally, a really stinking troll : a fan of Peter Hitchens, the UK’s top putler groveler.

    “Excellent piece by Hitchens. The UK population has been brainwashed as easily as it was over Covid and climate change. Calling Ukraine the good guys is as ridiculous as calling the US the good guys.
    Waking up to what is really going on is a slow and painful process but people must do it – and soon. Our entire cherished (pre-Covid) way of life is at severe risk of vanishing for good if people don’t start thinking critically about what the press and TV are saying.
    Putin declared that he was conducting an operation to get rid of Nazis, paedophiles and biolabs. Add to that money laundering, sex trafficking, and a major trade in babies’ body parts and you have a fair description of ‘the good guys’.
    NATO’s hands are all over this war and the WHO’s vile plans lie in wait.”

    • It is good to see people holding fast on Putin’s orcs because they do not deserve mercy after committing their unspeakable crimes. For the good of Ukraine, for the good of decency and peace…kill them all and pray God sort them out. From the Red Army to the Bolsheviks to the Soviets and to the Putinazis it has been a constant 100 years of murder from them so it is time Ukraine responds and put them in their place. And put them in their place for at least another 100 years for security and restitution.

    • A lot of positive comments from people who are obviously levelheaded and with righteous hearts!

  2. Well, I don’t think that the liberation of Kherson will be at the end of the summer. The cockroach army can’t last that long.

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