Euromaidan Press FB page yesterday:

Luhansk Oblast is where the situation is the most difficult for Ukrainian forces right now. Russians have changed their main focus from Izium to the encirclement of Severodonetsk, the main Ukrainian city of the Oblast.

They are currently trying to advance from the north, east, and south to reach Severodonetsk (map). Also, they are trying to build pontoon bridges northwest of Severodonetsk near Bilohorivka across the Siverskyy Donetsk river. Ukrainian troops have destroyed these bridges several times📷but the Russians don’t give up this attempt, are bringing reinforcements.

Russian tactics are to completely destroy settlements & positions through months of shelling & airstrikes📷. After that to advance a few kilometers on the burned ground, Luhansk Oblast head said.

He added that heavy fighting continues in Bilohorivka & Komyshuvaha right now but Russian troops don’t stop attempts to attack along the entire frontline. (


  1. Much more help is needed from the allies. The Ukrainians have to robustly defend the parts of Donbas that are still under government control, whilst pushing the orcs far away from Kharkiv and preparing to retake Kherson and Mariupol.

  2. Zel said last night :

    “Russia’s strategic defeat is already obvious to everyone in the world and even to those who still continue to communicate with them. Russia simply lacks courage to admit it so far. They are cowards. And they are trying to hide the truth behind missile, air and artillery strikes. Therefore, our task is to fight until we achieve our goals in this war. Free our land, our people and reliably ensure our security.”

  3. Mafia land’s tactics only assure the useless burning up of their ammo, men, material and fuel. They haven’t learned a thing since WWII. The only thing is, in WWII, the SU could waste all those things, having a huge base of people and industry and US lend lease aid backing it up.

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