Watch: UAV records how M777A2 + Excalibur destroys Russian 152mm SPG

KYIV, ($1=30.32 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — American M777A2 guns are already working on the front line in Ukraine and are yielding results. A video published by journalist Yuri Butusov records the use of the weapon against the 152mm Russian 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled gun, also known as SO-152 [Russian: СО-152]. The video also shows how the Ukrainian military is preparing to use the M777A2.

“Modern cannons, modern ammunition – great losses for the Russian army,” Yuri Butusov said in a comment. The video shows the marking of the modification M777A2. In this version of the modification, the software for using high-precision Excalibur projectiles has been updated. “It hits from the first shot with very high accuracy. The first shot was deflected, but the Ukrainians corrected themselves and a second shot followed,” Butusov added.

When using the cannon recorded by the journalist, the aim of the gunners was a battery of Russian cannons. After the first shot, the cannon is reloaded and the sight is adjusted. The results of the second shot of the M777A2 were recorded by a drone. The goal has been achieved: destroyed Russian 2S3 Akatsiya SPG.

We showed you the M777 delivery

On April 29 we published the loaded M777 artillery of heavy transport military aircraft. announced on April 23 that the Canadian government will send the M777 to Ukraine’s aid. The United States and Australia later reaffirmed their intention to support the Canadian decision and do the same.

The American howitzers were loaded on the American transport military aircraft Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. The Belgian online portal Armi Recognition suggests that at least four such aircraft with weapons, including the M777, are traveling to Europe.

The photos were taken on April 23 and 24, which suggests that the four Boeing C-17s have already landed. Most likely [unconfirmed information] they landed in Stuttgart, Germany. Stuttgart has been designated by NATO and Allied forces as a major distribution center for weapons and weapons technology to be transported through Poland to Ukraine.

US trains Ukrainians

Earlier same month we reported that the United States has started training about 50 Ukrainian servicemen on how to handle the howitzers donated to them by Washington. The information was confirmed by a representative of the US Department of Defense, who told reporters about the start of training of Ukrainian artillerymen to use the US-made howitzers. The CNN and the online portal European Justice also confirm the information.

According to the American official, about 50 Ukrainians study outside Ukraine. The official did not specify in which country they were held. “This is a small number of Ukrainians, a little more than 50, they will be trained in howitzer handling and then be able to return to Ukraine and train their colleagues,” the official said.


  1. The action in the video regarding the M777 taking out the Russian 152mm starts at the 4 minute mark.

  2. Nice video. A direct hit with the second shot! Normal artillery would take ten or more shots to achieve the same.

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