The decline of the military-industrial complex: Russia is not able to restore the combat capability of units withdrawn from Ukraine, – intelligence

Russia is no longer able to fully restore the combat capability of the military units withdrawn from Ukraine.

According to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, due to sanctions, the aggressor country is experiencing a significant decline in the military-industrial complex.

“Having lost a significant part of their military-technical potential during the war in Ukraine, the Russians are already forced to supply units that have suffered irreparable losses with equipment and weapons produced 50-60 years ago,” the GUR clarifies.

So, during April, the enemy removed dozens of self-propelled artillery installations Msta-S, Akatsia, Gvozdika, 15 Uragan MLRS and 11 Tochka-U TRKs from storage bases.

It is reported that most equipment from long-term storage warehouses cannot even be delivered to subdivisions. However, the military is forcing her to accept and report to the command about the full staffing and provision of combat units.

“Now the rusted and rotten military-technical echo of the Kremlin’s “great past” is becoming the basis of the Russian “present,” the intelligence officers report.


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