Russia says it is already against Ukraine’s accession to the European Union

Dmitry Polyansky does not see diplomatic possibilities for resolving the situation around Ukraine.

Polyansky said that Moscow is already against Ukraine's accession to the EU / photo REUTERS
Polyansky said that Moscow is already against Ukraine’s accession to the EU / photo REUTERS

The position of the Russian Federation on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union  has changed. Moscow’s new opinion on the EU is similar to the position on Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

Dmitry Polyansky, Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, stated this in an interview with the British online publication UnHerd.

“Russia’s position on Kyiv’s desire to join the EU has changed, now it is similar to the position on Ukraine’s entry into NATO,” Polyansky said.

At the same time, he said that he does not see diplomatic opportunities for resolving the situation around Ukraine now.

“At this stage, frankly speaking, I do not see any opportunities for a diplomatic settlement, given the position of Ukraine and attempts to inflame this conflict by Western countries. I must admit that there are no opportunities for diplomacy now,” summed up the Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN .

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  1. Given the only outcome the Russcists require is complete subjugation, there is no diplomacy possible. The Putinazis made their bed, now they can sleep in it.

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    • It is rather bizarre for a country to have an opinion on every single thing another country is doing. Especially when the opining country is such a dump and failed state. It’s like a kindergartener giving basketball advice to Shaquille O’Neil….

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      • This maggot seems to be signaling perpetual war. The kremlin murder gang will never except defeat and even when the rat dictator is finally burning, another nazi demon will take his place, leaving Ukraine with no alternative but to become a global military superpower.
        I can’t see the western democracies ever inflicting the type of sanctions that would crush the putinazi economy, so Ukraine as usual has to do it the hard way; fight, fight, fight and hope that eventually the US will elect a powerful president with integrity who can sell the idea to his citizens that Ukraine deserves the same or preferably even more support than that received by Israel. Currently it is nowhere near that level.
        I also believe that Ukraine must pursue Germany through the courts for WW2 reparations, funding putler’s savage war and acting duplicitously with fellow criminal regime France to sell Ukraine down the river with Minsk.
        I also think that France should compensate Georgia for sending Russian agent and corrupt criminal politician Sarkozy to “negotiate” the end of the Georgia invasion of 2008, which turned out to be gifting 20% of Georgia to a fascist regime.
        The EU compounded this criminality by commissioning a report which absurdly blamed tiny Georgia for starting a war with Russia.

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        • Future history books will have to have a very large section to cover all the intricacies of EU relations with mafia land, Ukraine and Georgia, and all its individual members too, who colluded with mafia land and/or wanted to throw Ukraine underneath the bus and those who actually threw Georgia underneath it.

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  2. What a ruskie “diplomat” announces about Ukraine is as relevant as a breast nipple is to a truck engine. The dice have fallen, and there is no other alternative than to send the rest of the cockroach army straight to hell. With it, hopefully, the regime too.

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