Parents did not reach their sons 50 meters: the occupiers left boys orphans in the Kiev region

Relatives for 1.5 weeks did not dare to tell the children that they were left orphans.

The invaders left two boys orphans in the Kyiv region / screenshot
The invaders left two boys orphans in the Kyiv region / screenshot

In the village of Shevchenkove in the Kiev region , two brothers were left without parents – 5-year-old Seraphim and 12-year-old Timofey. The occupiers shot their mother and father as soon as they entered the village.

This is stated in the plot of TSN . play video

On March 8, the day when the occupiers entered Shevchenkove in the Brovary region, Yulia and Sergey – the boys’ parents – traded at the local bazaar, and the children were at home.

“When they heard the approach of enemy vehicles, they tried to get into the car and leave this place and go to the children, but the Russian military shot at the columns,” the relatives say.

The spouses had no chance to survive, they died on the spot, before reaching home some half a hundred meters.

It didn’t even take long to bury them. The occupiers allowed to do this to relatives only on the third day.

Uncle was the first to know about their death. The hardest thing, he says, was telling the kids about it. 

“We didn’t know how to say it. How to tell children that they killed their parents and they won’t be anymore?” he notes. 

Now the boys live with their uncle Sergei and their own aunt Elena. Relatives took them to themselves immediately. But they decided to tell the truth only after 10 days.

“In the morning we got up, and Seraphim said: “Did they kill father and mother?” Timothy says: “Is this true?” I took him by the hands, I say that this is true, ”says Elena.

Elena and her husband have already arranged custody of the youngest. It is not so easy to do this with the elder, his father lives in Belarus and does not respond to messages on social networks. 

And children are learning to live without parents for the third month. The younger Seraphim now does not step aside from the older Timothy. 

“He was only afraid to be without me,” says Timofey about his younger brother.

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