“What we are wearing now is scary”: Russian Nazis ask relatives to buy them equipment

Russia does not provide its soldiers with the most necessary things. First of all, this concerns the individual equipment of the soldiers of the new wave of covert mobilization.

This is evidenced by the intercepted conversations of the invaders, published by the SBU.

“What we are wearing right now is scary. It’s hard to call it equipment,” the occupier, who had just been sent to war in Ukraine, complains to his mother.

Therefore, he asks her to borrow money in order to buy protective equipment at her own expense: unloading, helmet, body armor.




  1. I here a lot of “experts”predicting the orcs will escalate, or mobilise more troop, just what are these troops going to wear, shorts and beach slippers?

    • We had a story a couple of weeks ago when a new Moskali recruit came to the front of the meat grinder and asked for a helmet and body armor. He was directed to a box and in the box everything was bloody and had guts hanging out of it. Welcome to Ukraine kid!

  2. ILMAO! This army is not capable of escalating anything except to flee to mother russia.

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