Ukrainian artillerymen stopped the enemy offensive in the Luhansk region: the crossing and dozens of enemy armored vehicles were destroyed

Ukrainian artillerymen with well-aimed fire stopped the enemy offensive and did not allow the enemy to cut off and surround Lisichansk and Severodonetsk.

According to the Lugansk regional military administration, the fighters of the 17th separate tank brigade named after Konstantin Pestushko carried out a successful strike.

With artillery fire, they destroyed the pontoon ferry, and with it – more than thirty tanks, armored vehicles and vehicles of the enemy.

On this site, the invaders were going to cross the Seversky Donets and advance in the direction of the village of Belogorovka and further to the village of Verkhnekamenka. If successful, they could take control of the Bakhmut-Lisichansk road and cut off the Lisichansko-Severodonetsk agglomeration.

Thanks to the successful actions of our defenders, the enemy offensive was stopped.

Recall that on May 7, during the artillery preparation, the enemies destroyed the Belogorovsk comprehensive school . In the cellars of the school, 90 local residents took refuge, who did not have time to evacuate from the battle zone. As a result of the barbaric shelling, several dozen people were killed.



  1. The second Army of The World (without Air Force, Navy nor nuclear weapons) is defeating Russia.

    • As I understand it this was the 3rd time they tried to do this and obviously the other two failed too. This is what happens when you don’t have field commanders and all you have are the little hobbits in their caves wearing big hats.

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