Ukraine has three choices. All of them bleak.

Voluntary subjugation, forced subjugation, or fight to survive.

Lemuel Chyme, Palookaville Free Press. May 11

National Socialist Russia wants to enslave, “re-educate”, or exterminate Ukrainians. We know this because they said so in the state media outlet RIA Novosti and their propagandists have since been repeating it ad nauseam. They have already commenced all of these horrible things; Ukrainians are being held in atrocious conditions, many are suffering torture and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, including thousands of children, have already been kidnapped and deported against their will to Siberia. Russia admits to 420,000; so the true figure could be even higher. All of these dreadful things were pre-planned.

Any Ukrainians who did not know that Russian people have had their already highly imperialistic mindsets poisoned with hatred for them by Russian state media over two decades saw the proof in the diabolical events that took place in towns and cities such as Bucha, Mariupol and many others.

Ben Wallace, UK Defence Secretary, said on May 9th, that “Vladimir Putin is “mirroring” the fascism of Nazi Germany.”

Ukrainians have become the equivalent of Jews to national socialist Russia. Even more so since they had a Jewish president; something that would of course be highly unlikely to happen in national socialist Russia. Firstly because elections are rigged and secondly because Russians are anti-Semitic. This is why Putin felt encouraged to use Chechen murderers to assassinate the democratic Jewish politician Boris Nemtsov in front of his Ukrainian girlfriend; sending out several evil messages at once.

To adapt a quote from the Golda Meir, who originally came from Ukraine btw:

“We will have peace with the Russians when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Similarly, to adapt a Netanyahu quote:

“If the Russians put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Ukrainians put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Ukraine.”

In an article in Mail Online, is a quote:

“The Kremlin’s deputy foreign minister Alexander Grushko was asked if Vladimir Putin would carry out a preemptive tactical attack against Kyiv.

He replied: ‘We have a military doctrine – everything is written there.’

“The official military deployment principles allow for the use of nuclear weapons if they – or other types of weapons of mass destruction – are used against Russia. 

They can also be used if the Russian state faces an existential threat from conventional weapons, allowing for a broad interpretation.”

Full article:

There is of course no existential threat to Russia but its rulers are happy to create several: all based on fairy tales such as “encirclement of Russia by Nato,” (blatantly, ridiculously untrue), Ukraine was preparing to attack Crimea” (It wasn’t), “Ukraine is run by drug addicts” (it isn’t), “Ukrainians are nazi filth” (they aren’t, but the person who made that claim was describing himself to a tee).

The ruling junta of Russia now accept that their war is not going well. They want to scare Ukraine’s supporters into thinking that they will use nuclear weapons a) if Nato powers join in, or b) if Ukraine gets the upper hand. Essentially, Russia is Mugabe era Zimbabwe but with nukes.

There has to be a clear signal sent to the Kremlin : any use of WMD’s will be met with an overwhelming response. Conversely the allies and Ukraine are ready to forge a diplomatic solution if Russia de-escalates. To get to that stage, Russia’s economy needs to be destroyed. The current sanctions are still woefully inadequate and need to be tripled down. Unwilling participants such as Germany, must be forced to cooperate; by any means necessary.

Crimea was essentially a land grab. So was Donbas. So is this latest catastrophic phase of Russia’s eight year war with Ukraine. To repeat the obvious: the allies are still doing only a fraction of what they could be doing to help Ukraine end this nightmare. When I say the allies, I mean Ukraine’s only reliable friends; the US, UK, Poland and Pribaltika.

1/ end the Black Sea blockade using naval power

2/ provide fast jets to Ukraine’s air force .

3/ strengthen Ukraine’s air defences by a magnitude of 400%

4/ fortify the key cities of Kyiv, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro again by a magnitude of 400%.

5/ provide the Ukrainian armed forces with everything they need to successfully retake Kherson oblast.

6/ devise and implement a solution for rescuing those poor people still suffering unimaginable conditions in Mariupol.

7/ indict Putin, the ruling junta and the Generals who planned and expedited rape, torture, thieving, destruction and genocide in Ukraine. The next Nuremberg is now due.

8/ intensify the at present unacceptably feeble sanctions until they completely destroy the Russian economy.

9/ browbeat, blackmail or bribe India to withdraw its support for fascist Russia. There are lots of tools available to do so.

10/ provide Ukraine with cruise missiles.


    • I read the article,….what kind of cockroaches are the Russian people to actually enjoy hearing this kind of torture on a human being. They are real vermin, the entire population.

  1. Naval power will not end the Black Sea blockade of Ukraine. It will take a good Air Force to do so, and that still means the destruction of the Black Sea fleet. Given the small size of the Black Sea, no Navy can survive there without a competent Air Force to protect it.

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