Retired SAS soldier Robin Horsfall is back on LinkedIn.

Hello everyone. I am back!

Linkedin received a series of complaints about my posts that accused me of bullying or unprofessional posts. (There were no specifics). So I was effectively cancelled by persons unknown, (trolls?) pending an investigation. I’m back, however, to keep me open I will only respond to personal messages not comments.

Thanks for the emails asking me where I had gone to.

I will post something about current affairs later today.

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Slava Ukraine!

Here is Robin’s latest post. May 11 :-

The little man lacks confidence.

Putin’s May 9th Victory speech was rather subdued. It didn’t carry the confidence of past years when he could boast of Russian strength and in so doing imply that he was strong.

Politics is a performance, an act full of allusions, illusions and symbols. The signals that came across on this occasion were of weakness. Putin’s speech was almost a cry for understanding, a series of weak excuses and finger pointing. He wanted to blame others for his failures in Ukraine. Who better to blame than Nazis. A convenient image that still invokes fear and dreadful memories especially in Russia, but Russians know their history too. For every one of the 30 million killed in the Great Patriotic War, Stalin killed an equal number in his purges and in the Gulag. History is all part of a great and convenient lie that politicians use to retain power.

Putin is growing weak. He not only sounds weak, he looks weak too. He is clearly ill. His armed forces reflect that illness and they reflect the weakness of his regime. It might be argued that he only started his war to cover up his failures. The foundations of his empire are crumbling.

People follow the winning team. Russians (like most of us) like a strong Captain. It will not be long before it suits them to make a change.

Slava Ukraine

Who Dares Shares

Robin Horsfall


  1. Much of Robin’s output has a pro-Ukraine/anti-putler message. Undoubtedly it was the kremkrappers that blitzed LinkedIn to get him blown out. A badge of honour!

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