In the Chernihiv region, in front of a 10-year-old boy, the invaders killed his parents

The invaders in an armored personnel carrier ran over the car in which the family was.

The invaders killed the boy's parents \ photo
The invaders killed the boy’s parents \ photo

In the Chernihiv region, Russian invaders crushed a passenger car with an armored personnel carrier, in which there was a family with a 10-year-old boy.

According to TSN , the occupiers took out a child from a mutilated car and finished off his relatives in front of his video

10-year-old Andrey Bliznyuk, together with his parents and uncle, fled on March 1 from the village of Sofiyivka in the Chernihiv region. They just left and ran into a convoy of Russian military equipment, their car did not interfere with anyone, however, one of the armored personnel carriers deliberately left the convoy and began to crush the passenger car. The iron tracks passed along the right side of the machine. “Dad was the first to die. Mom was whole, not damaged,” the boy said.

Andrei’s legs were squeezed by the seat, he extended his hand from the crushed car. The Russian soldiers took the child out through the roof, threw it on the roadside and finished off the parents before his eyes. They aimed at the gas tank, after which the car caught fire.

With an injured leg, Andrei lay on the side of the road and counted the amount of Russian equipment. “I counted about 120, at first there were tanks, armored personnel carriers, a lot of Grads,” the boy shared.

All this time, the car was on fire in front of the child. Andrei knew that his mother was still alive. Fragments of human bones can still be seen under the wreckage of car parts. The boy was later seen by people from the village and called his grandparents. “Sasha carried him in his arms, but he didn’t cry,” the woman didn’t cry,” relatives said.


Andrei still hardly cries, says his grandmother, even in the cemetery he has no tears.

Oksana Bliznyuk was 46, her husband Mikhail was 52, and his cousin Sergei, who was driving, was 33. His mother cannot recover for the second month. Sergei was in the terrorist defense, a few hours before his death, he took Andrei’s mother, grandparents out of the village. He immediately returned to the village for Andrey and his family, but they did not have time to slip through.

Andrei has an older sister, Tatyana, 26, and now she is his guardian.

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