Historic moment: Great Britain has provided guarantees for the security of Sweden and is ready to secure Finland

The United Kingdom has signed an agreement on mutual security guarantees with Sweden. A similar document will be signed before the end of the day with the leadership of Finland.

This was reported in the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It should be noted that in this way the United Kingdom ensures the security of the two Scandinavian states from Russian encroachments until they join NATO. Recently, US President Joseph Biden announced his readiness to guarantee the security of Sweden and Finland, but Johnson ended up slightly ahead of him here.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said that the decision on the country’s entry into NATO will be made within a week.



  1. So why the fuck not Ukraine?
    This is appalling to allow others to leapfrog Ukraine as if the Scandies are somehow more deserving.
    What a kick in the teeth for Ukraine.

  2. This is fucking ridiculous. The difference between a no fly zone over Finland and Sweden, compared to a no fly zone over Ukraine? The same enemy will be targeted.

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