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May 11

#Azov battalion is not about new Nazism. Here we explain why👇

Some foreign media continue to call the Azov battalion “neo-Nazi”. Azov was stationed for 8 years in Mariupol and its surroundings but nobody heard about “Nazi” actions (mass killings, torture, mass graves). Ukraine is under the constant scrutiny of international organizations

Then Russians came and you have it all: mass killings, tortures, mass graves. And Azov is heroically (the world forgot this word) defending Mariupol against it. Against the real new Nazism.

“Nazism” is an ideology which requires the infernal work of the immense state mechanism of violence. “Neo-Nazi” is a word used by some people to describe far-right nationalism which never ever had a tiny chance to have access to these resources.

When some critics of Ukraine were hunting “neo-Nazis” among electorally marginal Ukrainian nationalists, the real Nazism was earning money on “respectful” western economies and preparing this war.


  1. I’ve been fighting against this untruth for years now. Only ruskie fascists and their dirty ass-lickers call Azov (or Ukraine/ins) Nazi or neo-Nazi.

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