Cheaper than Gazprom: Bulgaria agrees on gas supplies from the USA

Bulgaria also stepped up negotiations with Azerbaijan on increasing gas supplies.

photo UNIAN
photo UNIAN

Bulgaria has agreed to supply liquefied natural gas from the United States since June after Russia’s Gazprom cut off gas supplies.

This was announced after a meeting between Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov and US Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington,  according to  Bulgarian News Agency.

Prime Minister Petkov noted that partnership with the US, together with the solidarity and support of the EU, is an important part of ensuring Bulgaria’s gas independence.

“It was agreed that real deliveries of liquefied gas to Bulgaria will be carried out at prices lower than those of Gazprom, starting from June,” he said.

We add that Bulgaria is trying to ensure the supply of natural gas after the Russian “Gazprom”  stopped the supply due to Sofia’s refusal to pay in rubles.

Bulgaria has stepped up talks with Azerbaijan to increase gas supplies and hopes to reach agreements on liquefied natural gas through terminals in Greece and Turkey.

Recall that Bulgaria has threatened  not to support the new package of  EU sanctions against Russia, unless an exception is made for it in this ban on the purchase of Russian oil.

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