Arestovich spoke about the new “Chernobaevka” in the Kharkiv region (video)

The adviser to the head of the OPU pointed out that the Ukrainian military is constantly frustrating the plans of the Russian military to build a crossing across the river

A new "Chernobaevka" appeared in the village on the Siversky Donets / UNIAN photo
A new “Chernobaevka” appeared in the village on the Siversky Donets / UNIAN photo

The new ” Chernobaevka ” appeared in the village on the Siversky Donets in the Kharkov region. Here, Russian equipment was destroyed not only by the Ukrainian military, but also by the invaders themselves.

Aleksey Arestovich , adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine , spoke about this in an interview with Russian journalist Mark Feigin.PauseUnmute

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According to him, the Ukrainian military made a lot of efforts to achieve enchanting results.

“The army of the Russian Federation tried to make a pontoon for itself in order to cross the river. But our artillery destroyed the crossing with each new attempt. It got to the point that the occupiers had to sink their own tanks in order to lead the pontoon through them. However, unsuccessfully,” Arestovich noted.READ ALSO:

At the same time, he pointed out that the Russian invaders drowned several tanks in order to set up a pontoon crossing, but the aimed fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ruined their plans, and military equipment remained under water.

The phenomenon of Chernobaevka – what is known

The military airfield in Chernobaevka is used by Russian troops as a command post and a gathering place for planes and helicopters. As of May 2, he  became a target  for the Ukrainian military 18 times .

For the first time at this airfield, the invaders defeated the positions on February 27. However, after the strike by the Ukrainian “Bayraktars”, the Russians placed new helicopters at the same place. 

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