Arestovich spoke about the mass heroism of Ukrainian soldiers (video)

He noted that the army stands like a wall.

Ukrainian servicemen and security forces rebuff the invaders /
Ukrainian servicemen and security forces rebuff the invaders /

Aleksey Arestovich , adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine , says that Ukrainian soldiers are showing mass heroism along the entire front line.

He spoke about this in a conversation with Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin. PlayUnmute

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According to him, the world will be horrified and delighted at the same time when it learns about the exploits of the Ukrainian military.

“The army and all other power structures are fighting … I don’t even know how to formulate it. I usually don’t go into my pocket for a word, but here it is at the level of the best examples in world military history. Maybe they have already exceeded it somewhere,” he said. Arestovich.

Earlier, Arestovich said that Ukraine has every chance after receiving Western weapons to inflict a military defeat on the Russian Federation .

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