Trukhanov showed how the “Russian world” “congratulated” the hero city of Odessa on May 9 (video)

The mayor of the city demonstrated the consequences of a missile attack on a civilian enterprise.

Trukhanov showed the consequences of the evening strike on Odessa / photo press center of the Defense and Security Forces of the South

The mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, showed a video from a civilian infrastructure enterprise destroyed by Russian missiles. 

Trukhanov said that the invaders “demilitarized” the enterprise where the work process took place. As a result of rocket strikes, one person was killed, several people received moderate injuries.

The mayor stressed that the invaders are vilely attacking peaceful Odessa, because this enterprise, like a number of others that the Russians hit earlier, has nothing to do with military infrastructure.

“This enterprise has nothing to do with military infrastructure and military facilities. There are no weapons and ammunition depots here and there weren’t. This is how the” Russian world “congratulated” the hero city of Odessa on May 9, “Trukhanov said.

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