Russian military suspected of torturing Ukrainians in his homeland was awarded for capturing “neo-Nazis”

On May 9, apparently, for “feats” in the war, Putin awarded the Samara brigade the title of guards.

Struev captured two unarmed civilians and tortured them /
Struev captured two unarmed civilians and tortured them /

The commander of a motorized rifle company of the 15th “peacekeeping” brigade of the 2nd Army of the Central Military District, Anton Struev , who was suspected of torturing residents of the Brovarsky district, was called a “hero” in his homeland.

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Earlier, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova wrote that Struev captured two unarmed local residents of the village of Mokrets, Brovarsky district, when the settlement was under Russian occupation, and obtained “information about the Armed Forces of Ukraine” by torture.

Struev’s “heroism” was noted at home. It is reported that the military allegedly captured two “neo-Nazis”, destroyed 5 “nationalists” and handed over to the command “valuable documents” about plans to attack a convoy of Russian equipment.

According to the publication “We can explain” , after the “minute of glory” Struev closed social networks, deleted his profile photo. Since April 30, I have not visited my page in VK.

The old account mentions that Struev is a resident of the Orenburg region.

Anton studied at the cadet corps in Orenburg, graduated from the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School, and ended up serving in the Samara peacekeeping brigade.

On May 9, apparently, for “feats” in the Ukrainian war, Putin awarded the Samara brigade the title of guards.

The journalists managed to contact the military brother. He did not say whether his brother serves, where he is now and whether he has visited Ukraine. Eugene answered all questions: “This is nonsense” and “Because this is nonsense.” And in the background, someone was saying, “Fuck are you even talking to them.”

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Buchansk district prosecutor’s office had previously identified and in absentia reported on suspicion the occupier-murderer, who  shot people and mocked defenseless civilians . The military of the Department of the Federal Service of the troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation violated the laws and customs of war.

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