Russia threatens to take ‘military measures’ if Finland joins NATO

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Finland’s membership in NATO will not strengthen the country’s security. If Finland joins NATO, the Russian military will consider “all necessary measures”, said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko.

Grushko did not specify what measures might be taken.

“It is clear that from the security point of view, we will not remain indifferent. Our military will consider all necessary measures that will be required to ensure legitimate defense interests,” Grushko said.

He added that “this will not strengthen the security of either Finland or NATO.”

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Finland and Sweden can count on NATO membership under the accelerated procedure.

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation said that the possible accession of Finland to NATO will make it a target for Russia’s retaliatory measures.

(C)UAWIRE 2022


    • At this point I would retort, “with what?” Putin’s Army is dying in Ukraine. around 65% of the Russian Army is in Ukraine. The rest is scattered about Russia with poor equipment and poor training. Calling up reservists would be a useless gesture as the equipment they would fight with, assuming they could fight as poorly trained as they are, is more obsolete than what Putin has been pushing into Ukraine.

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      • I think if the habitual raiders do anything at all to Finland, Finland should go ahead and take back the territory they agreed to hand over to the Moscow Misfits during WW2. Just call it, “historical reunification” like they did with Crimea…………

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  1. “Our military will consider all necessary measures that will be required to ensure legitimate defense interests,”

    You seem confident you’ll have any military left by the time Ukraine has finished with you.

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