Russia prepared in advance for forced deportation of Ukrainians – Denisova

Ukraine has confirmed information that Russia was preparing in advance for the forced deportation of such a huge number of citizens.

This was stated by the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova.

“We have information that directives were sent from the Russian center of power to set up camps in other federal districts. Including how many camps for how many people should be in which district,” she said.

Denisova noted that they planned to replace the citizens taken out of Ukraine with Russians, who were planned to be resettled from remote regions of the Russian Federation.

According to her, at the moment, the invaders forcibly removed more than a million citizens of Ukraine.

“More than 1 million 186 thousand of our citizens, including more than 200 thousand children, were taken to the territory of the Russian Federation,” Denisova said at a briefing on Monday in Kyiv.

She added that the export of more than a million citizens is a dangerous phenomenon and it is now impossible to return them from the aggressor country.

“First, people go through filtration camps on the territory of ORDLO. Those who have not passed the filtration, they are sent to an unknown destination, we do not know their fate. All the rest are taken to the Rostov region and further by trains in different directions,” the Ombudsman said.

Now Ukraine, with the help of the Red Cross, is trying to find forcibly deported citizens and establish contact with them. Some people who ended up in regions of Russia bordering Europe or friendly countries were returned, but it is most difficult to establish contact with especially remote regions.

Also, Ukraine is trying to put pressure on the Russian Federation to allow Ukrainians to leave for other countries.



  1. Invasion, occupation, genocide, race replacement. It’s what Russia has done for centuries and got away with it.
    Well not any more you nazi filth.
    Putler; a textbook nazi himself, described Ukrainians as “nazi filth.” The most perfect self description of all time.

  2. Looks like the mafia plan is backfiring big time. After losing a large part of its cockroach army, numerous aircraft and two of their larger ships, the vast majority of Ukrainians are still free.

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