Moment Russian tank column hit in Donetsk, Ukraine

Moment Russian tanks hit in Donetsk, Ukraine. Footage circulating online has purported to show a series of aerial video of strikes on a Russian column of tanks. The footage shows what is said to be the 54th Mechanized Brigade using a series of drone strikes on the Russian tanks.


  1. This is awesome. No idea which weapons Ukraine are using, but the orcs can’t sustain losing this many heaps of rust. If this carries on, this war might be over quicker than we realise.

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  2. The artillery fire is very accurate! It’s hard to believe the high rate of direct hits.
    Great! More littering the Ukrainian countryside!

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      • The Ukrainian drone division is performing spectacularly and setting standards for future ops. This is another reason Ukraine should be in NATO but they screwed the pooch on that deal. I don’t blame Zelensky at all for being angry with NATO. It will be interesting to hear the BS after Ukraine is finished her denazification op.

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