Displaced Ukrainians return as Russian forces retreat

Bucha is one of many places in Ukraine that have experienced some of the worst atrocities of the war. And though Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is far from over, people are gradually returning to places like Bucha to try to restart their lives.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video into the article, but I will post the link below. The video shows the amazing resilience of Ukrainians. Even after the atrocities committed by the vermin, they are still smiling.

The shopping centre called Epicenter (think of B&Q in the UK, or Walmart in the US), and petrol station are very close to where I lived before the war. The vermin had their command centre in our village, not far from the shopping centre.



  1. “No one knows whether it’s safe enough to return …”
    It’s not clear at all whether the allies have done enough to make a second onslaught on Kyiv oblast impossible?
    They could do so by installing permanent brigades of combat troops, drones, long range artillery; mobile and static, cruise missiles, an embedded and mobile air defence system etc. Repeat in every city.
    Also, how did the orcs get to Kyiv oblast from Belarus? Reznikov said they had it covered prior to the invasion. Obviously he was badly misinformed.

    • I don’t believe they had enough troops or weapons to stop that 65km convoy coming from Belarus. When the orcs arrived at our village, Ukraine was firing back briefly at the orcs, then they stopped returning fire for over a week. We had no idea why Ukraine wasn’t returning fire, but I guess that’s when they decided to attack the convoy.

      • Somewhere in that filthy nest of poisonous snakes, someone is planning the next onslaught on Kyiv. The fucks won’t stop until putler dies or is killed. Even then, his replacement will likely be another nazi.
        Ukraine must become a military superpower in double quick time. Obviously the border with Belarus is closed. Therefore for once, mines can be put to good use. Their should be an array of tank stopping equipment installed and enough artillery to shred the fucks if they get any further.

        • I’m hoping after Russia have been removed from Ukraine, they turn their attention to the rat Luka. He needs destroying along with Putler.

        • I also hope that the Ukrainian armed forces have learned from the first invasion coming out of Belarus and have taken appropriate measures to give the cockroaches a bloodbath. The good thing is that there are a lot of forests and swamps in the north and along the border with Belarus. There is no more frozen ground, and this makes any advance towards the south a lot more difficult and easier to defend.

  2. I also know some who have returned to Kyiv. This goes to show you that they are a brave people and love their country.

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