Discontent in the Kremlin is growing: the expert spoke about the split in the Russian Federation and Putin’s illness

According to Oleg Zhdanov, Israeli experts confirm the information that Putin has cancer.

Vladimir Putin / REUTERS
Vladimir Putin / REUTERS

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that a coup in Russia due to the war in Ukraine is quite real.

He expressed his opinion on this matter in an interview with RBC-Ukraine , answering the corresponding question.

“The further, the more likely such an event is. The further, the more sanctions are in place. Putin’s entourage is aware that ties with the West are being broken – economic, financial, political. They find themselves in dead isolation. Some may already begin to count the losses. Therefore I think that discontent is growing there, at the top,” he said.

“Putin said earlier that he would make all organizational conclusions after the war. However, he is already making these organizational conclusions. There is information that he removed Gerasimov (Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces) from command of the “special operation” in Ukraine. called “special operation”, will try to sit in Gerasimov’s chair. The FSB is trying to shift the blame for the failure to the Russian Ministry of Defense. And the Ministry of Defense is trying to shift the blame to the FSB,” Zhdanov added.

At the same time, the expert predicted what would happen if Russian President Putin undergoes an operation:

“At that time, the government of the country will pass to Patrushev (Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation). And temptation is one of the greatest human vices. What if Putin does not wake up after this operation? Or will his heart fail?…”.

According to Zhdanov, almost the whole world is already talking about doctors insisting on urgent surgical intervention for Putin: “Once Putin used the services of Israeli doctors. Israeli specialists confirm the information that he has oncology.”

Earlier, Bellingcat investigator Hristo Grozev said that Putin has serious cancer.

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  1. We’ve heard all sorts of rumors about mafia land being split and angry factions wanting to get rid of the rat and infighting and wanting to stop the war and so on and so forth. But, the rat is still alive, still in power and still waging war.

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