The United States handed over almost all the promised howitzers and ammunition to Ukraine

More than 310 Ukrainian artillerymen have already completed a training course in firing these howitzers.

Howitzer M777 / photo US Army
Howitzer M777 / photo US Army

Almost all 155 mm howitzers of the M777 type, which the US presidential administration decided to transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, have already been delivered to the territory of Ukraine.

This was reported by an unnamed Pentagon official in a commentary to  CNN . 

The official told reporters that the United States had already transported to Ukraine more than 85 of the 90 howitzers that the presidential administration had promised to provide to Ukraine. More than 110,000 ammunition for these howitzers has already been delivered to Ukraine out of the promised 184,000.

More than 310 Ukrainian gunners have already completed training in howitzer firing, and more than 50 more are now undergoing this howitzer training.

In addition, dozens of Ukrainian military personnel are being trained in the use of American armored personnel carriers, Phoenix Ghost drones, anti-aircraft radars, etc.

The Pentagon spokesman added that recently 13 deliveries from 7 countries have arrived at points of departure in Ukraine. They included armored vehicles, power generators, radars, rifles, and one country donated several more howitzers.

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  1. Good! They will fire-up a whole lot of cockroaches and cockroach vehicles.

    • I doubt Ukraine will return any of these weapons after they’ve finished sending Putin’s meat puppets through the Ukrainian meat grinder. If NATO were wise they would go ahead and offer Ukraine a spot since they will be armed with NATO weapons better than any other except the US. Also Ukraine has worked so well with US forces that they would be perfect partners in eastern Europe which would free up other forces to watch China.

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