The expert called the volume and timing of the supply of weapons to Ukraine under Lend-Lease

According to him, Ukraine no longer needs to constantly beg for this or that weapon.

How the lend-lease law will affect the pace and volume of arms supplies / photo
How the lend-lease law will affect the pace and volume of arms supplies / photo

The lend-lease law will significantly accelerate the pace and volume of arms supplies to Ukraine .

This was stated in an interview with Channel 24 by the head of the public league “Ukraine-NATO” Serhiy Dzherdzh.

“I think this will be the fastest possible pace. The companies involved in the production and allocation of these weapons to us are interested in their speedy sale. They will quickly fulfill orders. Until circumstances change or someone suddenly changes their mind. Especially since there are a guarantee of payment from the US government,” Jurge said.

According to the expert, all Ukraine’s needs for weapons will be covered by European American bases: from ammunition to food for the military and fuel for equipment.

“In addition to using warehouse stocks on the European continent, the Americans will, if necessary, purchase weapons and equipment for us from third countries. Among them, there will also be individual NATO member countries. All this is provided for by this law,” Jurge said.

In addition, Jerge said that Lend-Lease supplies cover strategic materials that will allow Ukraine to produce all the necessary products for the army in the near future.

According to the expert, Ukrainians can receive  American planes within the framework of the law .

“If our military says they need to be given Abrams and American planes, they will be provided within the framework of this law,” Jurge is convinced.

According to him, Ukraine no longer needs to constantly beg for this or that weapon.

“It will automatically come to us in the amount that we need. This is also an advantage of this law, because it greatly simplifies the receipt of everything necessary for us to build up our armed forces during the war. Among other things, the body of the law provides for constant contacts between American arms manufacturers and the Ukrainian side. to exchange requests regarding the military equipment we need,” Gerge said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on April 7, the United States Senate passed a law on  lend-lease  for Ukraine, and on April 28, the US House of Representatives did so. On May 9, it must be signed by US President Joe Biden.

The law is intended to expedite the transfer of military aid by cutting red tape. It allows the de facto donation of weapons on the condition that the recipient country pays later.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. “According to him, Ukraine no longer needs to constantly beg for this or that weapon.”
    That is so great!
    Too bad this didn’t happen a few months sooner, or at least a month.

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  2. I think the facto it was already working for longer.

    I think the howitzers were also unofficially part of the land lease.
    Biden waited for the 9th of May to sign to send a message to Moscow, as both Victory Day and Land Lease refer to the WWII.

    But I agree. If I was POTUS this would have happened in 2014.

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    • The only problem with 2014 is the Ukrainian army was no where near ready to absorb the weapons they are now absorbing.

      Scott Ritter, the convicted pedophile and all around military no nothing, ha said that the US is supplying weapons the Ukrainian army is unable to use. Too bad he hasn’t been paying attention. He is a shame to every US Marine that ever walked the face of the earth.


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