Russian Nazis launched a rocket attack on Odessa: a shopping center is on fire (updated)

Rocket attack on Odessa was carried out by the Russian invaders on May 9 at about 22:35.

This is reported by the operational command “South”.

The air raid alert announced in Odessa and other regions of Ukraine at 22:00 continues.

UPDATED AT 23:00. One of the missiles hit a large shopping center. A fire started there. The air raid continues.

UPDATED AT 23:12. Air raid alert.



  1. UPDATED AT 23:24. Firefighting continues at the mall. Six casualties are reported.

  2. Mafia land just can’t help it but to continue making the same mistakes, over and over and over again. Violence against civilians has only strengthened Ukrainian resolve to get rid of these subhumans from mafia land.

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