Putin at parade fails to scare world with “doomsday” plane – weather prevents

The air part of the parade in Moscow has been cancelled due to bad weather. This is reported by the russian media.

They note that for this reason, the widely announced flight of Il-80, which is called the “doomsday” aircraft in the West, over Red Square has been cancelled.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Il-80 would fly over Red Square on May 9. This aircraft is designed to evacuate the country’s top military leadership, as well as to control the rf Armed Forces in a full-scale military conflict, including a nuclear war.

(C)OSTROV 2022


  1. Bleu sky is called bad weather…………………..everthing in The Russia is upside down.
    In many cities it was ‘bad weather today’in The Russia….meaning very sunny day.

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