“Guys are fighting bravely. All plans are being implemented, the result will be achieved.” Putin on the war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that Russia is fulfilling all plans for a “special operation” in Ukraine. He stated this at a meeting in the Kremlin with Artem Zhoga, the father of the commander of the battalion of the forces of the DPR “Sparta” Vladimir Zhoga, Interfax writes.

“The guys are fighting courageously, heroically, professionally. All planned plans are being implemented, the result will be achieved. There is no doubt about this,” Putin said.

The President noted that Russia would use the slightest chance to solve the “problem” of Donbass peacefully, “but they didn’t leave us this chance, they simply didn’t give it.”

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. The genocide, torture, kidnapping, rape and thieving is going well. Not a lot else though.
    God willing, Ukraine will soon see RuSSia get very severe and lasting punishment for the demonic crimes committed upon innocent Ukrainians. For what they did to children, especially, they must burn.

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  2. If the intended result is to maximize the number of graves with former Orcs in them, then the result will be achieved.


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