Four new Buchis are taking place in Ukraine right now – Arestovich

Aleksey Arestovich noted that the Russian army in Ukraine is engaged in pure genocide.

Arestovich said that there are still "four Buchis" in Ukraine / photo
Arestovich said that there are still “four Buchis” in Ukraine / photo

Aleksey Arestovich , adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine , noted that “four more Buchis” are taking place in Ukraine. He noted that two – in the Zaporozhye direction, two – in Kherson.

Arestovich announced this on the air of the Israeli TV channel Channel 9 .

“So far, the topic is about the survival of the Ukrainian people, because the Russian army is engaged in pure genocide here. And, by the way, the international court of the UN considers this case precisely as the genocide of Russia against Ukraine – that’s what the case is called, and not in any other way,” he said. advisor to the head of the President’s Office.

According to him, right now we have four new Buchas: two in the Zaporozhye direction, two in the Kherson direction

“Mass rapes, murders of children, old people, executions of civilians, etc. What kind of “brotherhood” can we talk about? And now our task is to survive,” summed up Arestovich.

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  1. The rapid collapse of the Fourth Reich must is imperative for the civilian population of Ukraine. The quicker it is, the more lives will be saved. It’s that simple.

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