Zelensky: Russia fanatically imitates Nazi regime

Zelensky: Russia fanatically imitates Nazi regime

08.05.2022 10:36

The Russian Federation fanatically imitates the Nazi regime with a maniacal detailed reproduction.

“A fanatical repetition of this regime. Its ideas, actions, words and symbols. Maniacal detailed reproduction of its atrocities and ‘alibi’, which allegedly give an evil sacred purpose. Repetition of its crimes and even attempts to surpass the ‘teacher’ and move him from the pedestal of the greatest evil in human history. Set a new world record for xenophobia, hatred, racism and the number of victims they can cause,” President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said in his video address on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, Ukrinform reports.

According to him, the Russians have neglected the phrase “Never again”. Ukrainian cities which survived such a heinous occupation during World War II that 80 years are not enough to forget about it, saw the occupier again and got the second date of occupation in their history. And some cities, such as Mariupol, got the third.

“During the two years of occupation, the Nazis killed 10,000 civilians there. In two months of occupation, Russia killed 20,000. Decades after World War II, darkness returned to Ukraine. And it became black and white again. Again! Evil has returned. Again! In a different uniform, under different slogans, but for the same purpose. A bloody reconstruction of Nazism was organized in Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

The President mentioned the town of Borodianka, Kyiv region, as one of the many victims of this crime. He wondered if civilian houses in the town could pose a threat to Russia.

“It can. 250kg high explosive bombs, with which the ‘superpower’ shelled this small town. And it went numb. It cannot say today: ‘Never again!’ It cannot say anything today. But here everything is clear without words,” Zelensky added.

On May 8, Ukraine marks the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation to commemorate the victims of World War II.

On February 24, Russian president Vladimir Putin announced a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops shell and destroy infrastructure, massively fire on residential areas of Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages using artillery, MLRS, and ballistic missiles.



  1. Zelensky is so right. Mafia land has so many parallels to Nazi Germany. I really think that Putler has not only read Mein Kampf, but studied it religiously.

    • Russia is the origin of the notorious 19th century fake: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which inspired Hitler and is still widely believed throughout RuSSia, the ME and hundreds of putlerite conspiracy sites such as David Icke and Alex Jones.
      I have no doubt that a psychotic turd like putler has read all this shit, as well as everything by Alexandr Dugin; a sinister nazi propagandist and friend of Alex Jones.
      Jones btw should be waterboarded and interred in Guantanamo.

  2. But where is the outrage from the West??? It should be shouted daily. But only crickets.

  3. Let the outrage now be shouted from mountains to valleys, and from rooftops to bomb shelters. May we all wake from our slumber and boldly fight against evil.

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