Watch: Su-27s toss high-speed high-drag bombs on Russian facilities

KYIV, ($1=30.25 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — Two Su-27 twin-engine supermaneuverable fighter aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force carried out an air attack and bombed with high-speed high-drag bombs on Russian-occupied Snake Island. There is no official or confirmed information on when exactly the air attack took place, but some experts suggest that it happened very recently [Ukrainian sources say either on May 6 or 7].

The targets of the Ukrainian aviators were the central administrative buildings on the island in its eastern part and other facilities where Russian forces are already stationed. Video shows Ukrainian fighters coming from the south, which is an unexpected maneuver, as it is assumed that such attacks would come from the Ukrainian coast – north or west.

Experts say the possible targets of the Ukrainian fighters were eastern weapons or fuel depots on Snake Island. Large explosions are seen, suggesting similar claims. However, there is no official information on what exactly hit the Su-27s.

The whole attack was captured on impressive video footage of one of the most active in the last 48 hours Ukrainian drone Bayraktar TB2, which before and during the attack played the role of reconnaissance aircraft. reminds us that Bayraktar TB2 in recent days has been hitting Russian positions not only on land but also actively participating in the bombings on Snake Island. On May 7, we reported on the successful attack of a Ukrainian drone on the Russian D-144 Serna-class landing craft.

Earlier, Ukrainian drones attacked again on Russian positions of Snake Island, but the targets were a ZU-23-2 23 × 152mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon, a TOR medium-altitude, a short-range surface-to-air missile, and one SA-13 Arrow-10 highly mobile, short-range surface-to-air missile system.


  1. “Large explosions are seen, suggesting similar claims. However, there is no official information on what exactly hit the Su-27s.”

    Whatever the Ukrainians hit, it won’t be of any use to Muscovy now. I doubt any of the scum survived those blasts. Great work against a country that said they control the skies over Ukraine.

  2. Snake Island has been getting a beating lately. I think that the cockroaches will soon abandon it since they can’t do anything about these attacks, despite their numerical superiority on land, air and sea.

  3. I was kinda wishing they’d focus on the Kerch Bridge but what do I know about military strategy.

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