Ukrainian TB2 struck Russian Mi-8 just as troops are disembarking

KYIV, ($1=30.25 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — Ukraine’s Bayraktar TB2 continues to inflict serious damage on Russia’s armed forces. A video taken by a drone showing a Russian helicopter landing appeared on social media. The source claims that this is a military Russian Mil Mi-8 medium twin-turbine helicopter.

Ukraine’s Bayraktr TB2 is waiting, aiming, and as troops descend from the helicopter, a powerful explosion ensues, most likely caused by a bomb or a rocket fired. There is no official information on whether any were killed or injured. reminds us that Bayraktar TB2 drones can carry MAM-C and MAM-L guided bombs, 70 mm CIRIT missiles with laser targeting, Tubitak-Sidge directed bombs, as well as Tubitak-Sage GPS / INS, guided 81 mm mortars.

It is possible that more than one Bayraktar TB2 drone was involved in the attack on the Russian helicopter, as the moment of the bomb attack was shot from two different angles. Sources say the attack took place late last night on May 7 on Snake Island. reminded us that in recent days the Russian-occupied Snake Island is under serious air attacks and bombing after it became clear that two Ukrainian Su-27s recently launched high-speed high-drag bombs on Russian facilities on the island. Also, for several days, Ukrainian drones have been damaging Russia’s island’s anti-aircraft missile system after attacking a ZU-23-2 23 × 152mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon, a TOR medium-altitude, a short-range surface-to-air missile, and one SA-13 Arrow-10 highly mobile, short-range surface-to-air missile system.


  1. Another barbecue party on Snake island. The orcs are very slow learners, which is good news for Ukraine.

  2. Superb action once again by the TB-2!
    Roasted cockroaches, anyone? Fresh with a tinge of kerosene.

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